HG3 Firmware version 3.64

HVAC Guide® System Analyzer SOFTWARE must be installed on your PC before you download and install FIRMWARE.

HG3 Firmware download instructions:

  1. Click link above "HG3 Firmware version 3.64
    • This will download a small zipped folder to your computer. If your browser asks you to save the file, select SAVE and the location on your PC you would like to save to.
  2. Find the downloaded zip folder on your PC named “HG3_Ver364TABLE311.rar”
  3. Double-click this folder to unzip. A Compressed (zipped) Folders Extraction Wizard will likely pop up.
    • Click Next to continue
    • Click Next to continue again
    • Check the box "Show extracted files" and click Finish. A new folder with the unzipped folder will pop up.
  4. Double click the “HG3_Ver364TABLE311” folder to open.
  5. Double click “HG3_UP.exe” to open Firmware Update program.
  6. Power off HG3
  7. Hold both the INPUT and OUTPUT buttons while turning the HG3 dial to SETUP switch position.
    • UPDATE v10.xx should now be displayed on the LCD
  8. Connect HG3 to PC with mini-USB to USB cable
  9. Click "COM Auto" button
    • "Online" will appear in green box in lower left under COM
  10. Click "UPDATE" button to begin firmware update
    • This process will take several minutes

HVAC Guide System Analyzer

HVAC Guide® software for Windows 7®, Vista®, or XP®

This is the operating software required on your PC to upload test information, customer data, etc. using the Microsoft® Windows 7®, Vista® OS or XP®.


  1. Click “DOWNLOAD NOW” button.  (This is a very large file, and depending on your Internet connection can take a long time to download.)
  2. Select “Save to Disk”. Select a folder in which you want to save the file and click “OK”. (Mozilla Firefox users – the file will automatically be downloaded to your desktop.)
  3. Double click the file labeled “HVAC_3.02G_DISK”.
  4. Click “autorun.exe”. This is second to last line in the folder.
  5. Click on "Install PC Software for Windows 7, VISTA, Windows XP" from the HVAC Guide Software Installation Menu
  6. This will launch the installation program. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the HVAC Guide® software. See the instruction manual for the HVAC Guide® system analyzer to use the software.
Current PC software version for Windows 7®, Vista®, or XP® - 3.02
Last revised 2/8/2012

SMAN4 Firmware Version 2.15

Click here to download SMAN4 Firmware Update instructions in PDF format.

DL3 Data Logger Software Utility